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Laying a lawn with roll out grass is a quick and easy way to get an instant result. It is a great way to create an instant lawn and ready for use within 14 days.

Laying roll out grass can be very cost efficient and can be cheaper than seeding a graden.
The roll out grass is ready fertilised and weed free

What are the dimensions of the rolls?

Each roll is measured as 1 square yard, 16 inches wide and 72 inches long.

When to lay turf

Turf can be laid during the year providing soil conditions are suitable. When ground is frozen, heavily waterlogged or excessively dry are not suitable for laying turf.

How heavy are the rolls?

Each roll has an average weight of 10kg during dry conditions and 15kg during wet periods.


Laying Rolled Turf

To ensure the best ground preparation it is advised to eradicate all weeds and foreign grasses from the area. This can be achieved by spraying Round-Up, a chemical which will kill off grasses and weeds (not moss).

Allow 14 days for the chemical to fully work before the following steps:

Step one

The old dead grass can now be lifted using a sod cutter or the ground can be rotivated using a shovel, spade or rotivator. These can be hired from most hire shops.

The ground should be turned to an average depth of 3-5 inches (8-13cm) and broken down as much as possible to make raking easier.

Step two

Remove stones larger than fist size and rake the remaining soil until a level surface has been created. (Watch our instructional video to see these works).

We recommend that you lightly compress the soil before laying to prevent later settlement, either by garden roller, planks or by foot.

Step three

If the soil is of poor quality or of a high quantity of stones, apply a thin layer of lawn sand, this will make it easier to create a sufficient level.

Apply a pre turf fertiliser to ensure best results (20-30 grams per square yard).


Soil Preparation

We can supply top soil in the following quantities:

Small 25KG Bags

One ton quantities

We also supply sand soil mixes to any ratio you might require.


Laying Rolled Turf

Below are the steps we follow when we are laying turf and find that the best results are achieved by following these directions.

We can install any lawn for you if you require it.

Step one

Lay your first row along a straight edge, slowly unrolling turf to avoid damaging. Butt each piece up closely to the last and ensure good contact with the soil by tamping down firmly with the back of the rake.

Step two

Lay the next row, making sure the pieces of turf are pushed right up to the first row. Stagger this and subsequent rows in a brickwork pattern until the area has been covered.

Step three

Lay turf so it runs beyond the area of your new lawn and trim edges with a half-moon cutting tool or stanley knife. If possible set up a sprinkler to water and soak thoroughly.


Laying Turf

After laying your new lawn, we recommend that you water the grass every day for the first 14 days. If warm weather is persistent, water every 4 days for the next 14 days.

After 14 days you can do the first cutting of the grass, it is important to mow at the highest cut for the first time and slowly reduce height over the coming weeks.

Our grass comes ready fertilised and will last for the first 6 weeks, after this point we recommend that you apply a granular fertiliser (20-30 grams per square yard.

Applying a fertiliser every 6 weeks will help keep a healthy lush lawn. There is no need to apply fertilser from November-February as the grass becomes dormant during this time.

Try not to walk on newly laid turf until it has rooted into the soil, which could take on average 14 days.
If the weather is mild over winter the grass will begin to grow. Trim it lightly, keeping the mower blades set high.

Laying Rolled Turf


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