How to Returf your Lawn

 Laying a new lawn is hard work and more expensive than sowing seed, but it gives an instant, lush looking lawn as soon as you’ve finished. There are lots of benefits of laying a turf lawn

  • Turf acts like a sponge, absorbing rainfall and reducing run-off.
  • It produces oxygen and absorbs carbon dioxide which is then stored in the roots of the turf.
  • Turf, and the soil under it, is a great environment for living organisms to thrive in. These microorganisms break down dead leaves and roots that the grass plant can re-use.


Have a look at our guide for soil preparation here

Once the soil is level and prepared sufficiently.

Step 1: Be prepared

New turf needs to be laid as soon as possible before it begins to dry out. So make sure you have time (and help if needed) at the ready when you receive your delivery or collect your turf. You will also need a sharp knife to cut the turf and some wooden boards to stand or kneel on.

Step 2: Work backwards

You must try to avoid walking on newly laid turf. Therefore plan how you will lay the turf so that you can work backwards, always standing or kneeling on an unturfed piece of ground.

Step 3: Leave the odd corners till last

You can use up small offcuts from larger pieces when you come to fill in any little odd-shaped corners.

STEP 4: Water Well

Using a hose or sprinkler water the newly-laid turf. The water needs to penetrate the soil below. Carefully lift up the corners and check the soil is moist.


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