Soil Preparation

To ensure the best ground preparation it is advised to eradicate all weeds and foreign grasses from the area. This can be achieved by spraying Round-Up, a chemical which will kill off grasses and weeds (not moss).

Allow 14 days for the chemical to fully work before the following steps:

The old dead grass can now be lifted using a sod cutter or the ground can be rotivated using a shovel, spade or rotivator. These can be hired from most hire shops.

The ground should be turned to an average depth of 3-5 inches (8-13cm) and broken down as much as possible to make raking easier.

Remove stones larger than fist size and rake the remaining soil until a level surface has been created. (Watch our instructional video to see these works).

We recommend that you lightly compress the soil before laying to prevent later settlement, eirther by garden roller, planks or by foot. 

If the soil is of poor quality or of a high quantity of stones, apply a thin layer of lawn sand, this will make it easier to create a sufficient level.

Apply a pre turf fertiliser to ensure best results (20-30 grams per square yard).