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10mm Premium Gold Decorative Stone - Bulk Bag..
€ 115.00
Ex Tax:€ 93.50
Bark Mulch - Mini Chip Bulk Bag Bark Mulch - Mini Chip Bulk Bag
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Grass Seed
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Grass Seed 1kilo covers 28metres squared..
€ 10.00
Ex Tax:€ 10.00
Grass Seed 25 kilo covers 700  squared..
€ 110.00
Ex Tax:€ 110.00
Paving SandPaving Sand suitable for brushing into the gaps and crevices left between cobbleclock and paving slabs ideal for prevention and control of weeds. ..
€ 45.00
Ex Tax:€ 36.59
Premium Roll Out Grass Premium Roll Out Grass
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Premium Roll Out GrassPrices are per metre, One roll equals 0.8 metres squared ..
€ 6.00
Ex Tax:€ 5.29
Railway Sleepers
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Railway SleepersGuaranteed Irish made from sustainable and renewable sources, sleepers have many different uses from use in raised beds, hardscaping in the garden to use as steps or gradients. ..
€ 26.00
Ex Tax:€ 21.14
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