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02 Aug How to re turf your lawn
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Laying a new lawn is hard work and more expensive than sowing seed, but it gives an instant, lush looking lawn as soon as you've finished. There are lots of benefits of laying a turf lawnTurf acts like a sponge, absorbing rainfall and reducing run-off.It produces oxygen and absorbs carbon dioxide wh..
02 Aug Soil preparation for a good healthy lawn
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The key to success in laying a lawn is careful soil preparation. If soil conditions vary a lot, the lawn will not be uniform, therefore, take some time over soil preparation. Prepare for spring sowing during the previous autumn and winter, and for autumn sowing during the summer. A weed-free start i..
15 Sep Lawn Mowing Techniques
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The secret to the perfect lawn, after feeding, is mowing. Regular frequent mowing starting early in the year and finishing late is the main requirement for maintaining the perfect lawn.Start in late February or early March. Around that time there is usually a dry spell when the ground is firm enough..
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