Do I need to get rid of the old grass before I can lay new lawn?

Yes. We would recommend that the old lawn is sprayed off and left for 14 days. At this time the old grass should be stripped via a sod cutter or spade. The soil should then be cultivated and levelled.

How do I measure the area I have?

Firstly use one specific unit of measurement, i.e. feet, inches, metres, yards etc. the rule of thumb is allow for 5% waste on standard shapes and 10% waste on irregular shapes

Rectangle - multiply the length by the breath and this is the squared area required

Triangle - measure the base of the triangle, then from the centre of that point measure the height of the triangle. Then the calculation is as follows- multiply ½ the base by the height and this is your squared area.

Circle - good old fashioned PIE will calculate this one. Measure the diameter of the circle, and divide that by 2. This is your radius. Now, multiply the radius by itself to get the radius squared. Finally multiply the radius squared by 3.14. This will give the squared area of the circle.

For everything else, try and split your garden into these shapes and calculate the garden section by section.

Can I collect small amounts?

Yes, we can supply 1 square metre up to any amount required. We can deliver or you can collect in our garden depot.

How much will it cost for me to buy?

Please call us with your measurements and we can give the best possible price.

How thick is the lawn turf when it arrives?

The lawn turf rolls are very thin and usually about ¼ of an inch thick, we would recommend that you only leave a small lip around the edge to cater for this.

Do I need to put new top soil under the new lawn turf?

If the soil is of poor quality we would recommend that a new layer of top soil is spread, if you are unsure of the quality of your soil, call us and we can supply assistance.

Do I need to apply a fertiliser?

We would recommend that a small granular pre turf fertiliser is spread to help establish the new lawn. Rates and types of fertiliser can be supplied by our qualified staff.

How do I care for my new lawn?

Please see our section about the aftercare and maintenance of your new lawn. This section covers mowing, feeding, watering, and many more topics.